Vaastu For New House Construction

Buying or building a house is mostly once in a lifetime experience for most of us. Therefore it’s important for you to do extensive research and site visits before you finalize a project. And during this whole journey of constructing a new house, there are several issues that erupt during the process. To tackle these issues, Vastu states specific rules and principles to be followed while constructing your dream house. Every person of the house gets affected by Vastu differently; certain things should be taken into serious consideration before constructing a house.

Vastu for home construction is not that difficult to follow. It just requires a bit of awareness, research, and a great team that can help you with everything regarding the right principles. Life is governed by different emotions, desires & intelligence, therefore, the place where we live, influences our inner-self, thoughts, actions & souls. If one follows the Vastu tips religiously and correctly, it will definitely help you bring prosperity, contentment and attract positive energy from the cosmos.

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Vastu Rules for New House Construction

  • Avoid plots with irregular shape as it can create unnecessary pressure and stress on the house owner. Always choose a regular shaped plot.
  • Before starting construction, make sure you clear off clutters, garbage, and thorny bushes around. Untidy plots are considered to bring in problems in life.
  • At preconstruction, it’s recommended to perform a Bhoomi puja before starting the construction work as it symbolizes an auspicious beginning and heralds a good start to the proceedings.
  • Always begin the construction during daytime as the sun is considered to be an element of positivity as per Vastu.
  • Avoid old or reuse materials for construction, as they may carry negative impacts and have adverse effects on the family. Use new materials for construction and store the materials safely in the South-West direction.
  • Water is a symbol of prosperity & money. According to Vastu, the place with water beneath never runs out of money. Hence right after you decide the place, make sure to get a water tank established in the North or North-East direction
  • While building the foundation starting from the North East side of the house, and gradually proceed to the South West.
  • Walls should be straight and uniform because according to Vastu, a wall of uneven thickness is unfortunate.
  • Avoid more open space in the North and the East zone than in the South and West as the North and East are believed to have more positivity.
  • The main entrance or door should be ideally placed in the positive direction, which includes North, East, and North-East if the plot is North or East facing. If the plot is South or West facing, the entrance should be in the South or South-East direction, and in plots facing West, it should be in the West or North-West direction. Always have the front door larger than the other doors of the house.
  • It is advised by Vastu to construct the master bedroom in the South-West direction as it provides a fruitful life to the inmates.
  • Ideal place for constructing the kitchen is the South-East of the plot for your house.
  • The best location for pooja room construction is the North-East as this direction is the most auspicious and is full of positive vibes.
  • It is advisable to construct the bathrooms in the North, East, or North-West of the house.
  • All the work related to flooring, ceiling, and lighting should begin from the South-West direction as it helps in maintaining peace and harmony within the house.

Don’ts in Vastu for House Construction

Be careful that the Portico does not touch the main building

Do not block the North Westside

Avoid placing bedrooms facing north

Do not block South Eastside. This distorts the fire and temperature arrangement throughout the house causing a risk of incendiaries

Avoid long gallery in the house as it is considered unlucky

Avoid darker shades of colour as it could disrupt and overpower the flow of energy in the house with their intensity

No matter how much money you have, if you are not happy in your own space then riches are of no use. So, it very much significant to follow the correct Vastu tips according to Vastu shastra for your new house to lead a life that is full of happiness, prosperity, peace, and contentment.

With years of experience and specialized traditional Vastu Shastra knowledge, our team of experts can help you with the science of construction in the most simple and practical manner.