A step-by-step guide to build your dream kitchen

A step-by-step guide to build your dream kitchen

It is a dream for many homemakers to have a kitchen that has all those facilities which make their work easier. We Architeca Design Build Firm would like to suggest you a step-by-
step guide on building your dream kitchen. Read it and gain some information to build your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of any type of house. Whether it’s a large or small house, it is
important to plan out the kitchen perfectly. Remodeling your kitchen is a sensational
mission as well as the construction of a new kitchen. You should plan a lot on purchasing
appliances, what items can be reused, what hottest items can be used, fixing the budget,
choosing the color of the kitchen, and so on. Though it is not an easy job to be done,
especially if you are struggling to know the starting point or couldn’t fix what has to be
changed, you cannot skip doing it. It is advisable to consult an experienced builder to get
their advice. Planning is essential to build a dream kitchen that complies with all your
needs and wants.
Let us discuss in detail how to create a dream kitchen!!!

Creating a List of needs & wants

modular kitchen

Making a list of all the essentials and requirements you wish to have in the kitchen of your
dream will help you to plan and design your kitchen flawlessly. Make sure to decide on this
before you proceed with a designer. This will help you to plan your kitchen without missing
any of your requirements in your wish list. This includes each and everything which going to
make your dream kitchen. The pantry, layout, appliances, wall tone, and even the
appropriate style of the sink for your dream kitchen.

Explore and get more information

After listing down your desires, you will have an idea. Now it’s time to start researching those
on your wish list. Sort the items as those which are to be purchased new and which can be
reused from the existing resources. Get to know which appliance brand, the perfect size, and
quantity that will match your requirement. Decide on the layout, cabinets, wall colour, and
design as well. Check on and estimate the budget. If your estimate exits your budget, before
compromising consider noting it down and discussing it with experts. They might suggest
you an alternative solution. Architeca Design Build Firm does have its factory where you will
be able to get done customized requirements of your wish.

Choose the layout of your dream kitchen

As you may know, there are different types of kitchen layouts and they depend on your
kitchen floor plan. Therefore the layout of your dream kitchen should be decided according
to your floor plan. Knowing the space and storage requirements cabinets and the workplace
have to be concluded. As soon as you decided on the items, you will be able to approximately get an idea of this. Based on your lifestyle, design your dream kitchen’s layout and style.

kitchen layout

Your utilization can play a role as well. The working triangle formula can be used to plan the
cooking and preparation space of your dream kitchen. Think twice about the selection of
a layout that fits your necessity. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the
layouts such as L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, Island Kitchen, Parallel layout, and straight
layouts which are the primary layouts of a modular kitchen. It is advisable to consider your
designer’s suggestion too.

Storage! Storage! Storage!

kitchen storage ideas for your home

It is one of the important needs to be considered while planning your dream kitchen.
Focusing on storage is essential to build an organized and messless kitchen. Sufficient
storage and effortlessly manageable arrangement of a kitchen do magic while working in it.
Decide on which type of cabinets are to be used, either Floor cabinets, Wall cabinets or both.
Don’t forget to consider the design of the cabinets. Discuss in detail and study the all possible
methods to maximize your kitchen storage to have a functional dream kitchen.

Prioritize Power too!!!

The kitchen is a zone that deals with sharp and more sensitive equipment daily
compared to other areas of a house. Fixing proper light fittings does play a vital role while
designing your kitchen. Consider having a light inside the cabinets as well. There will be a lot
of electrical appliances used in the kitchen. This means sufficient plug points in reachable
locations has to be planned while designing your purposeful dream kitchen.


Use this information to draft your dream kitchen plan. We do advise you to plan out your
dream kitchen’s design with designers to build a flawless dream kitchen either newly built
or made over the existing kitchen. Planning and designing your dream kitchen with an expert
team like in Architeca Design Build Firm will undoubtedly add value to your kitchen than
getting the stress of doing it by yourself all alone. We do share our shoulders with you. You
just need to give us a call.




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