Types of materials for doors in Indian homes

Who will say ‘NO’ to an eye catchy entrance? Why say ‘NO’ to beautiful doors, when you have
so many types of door materials to make them eye-catching? Doors are not just a component
used while building a house or any building. It has a key role in giving the security and
privacy needed to the structure. It is not simply a gateway just to choose on the basis of
design. The durability, strength, material, weather resistance, etc. all these qualities to be
considered according to the requirement of the door. The expert interior designing team at
Architeca have shared their thought on a few door material types which suit Indian
homes. Let see types of materials for doors in Indian homes.


wooden door for home

A genuine work of art, wooden entryways have been a staple of human designs for a very
long time. It is one of the most requested materials for entryways is wood. What’s more,
we are not shocked in light of the fact that wood gives the sensation of warmth,
prosperity and security that we are searching for when we return home like no other
material. It has unparalleled style and complexity, other than the capacity to add a
beautiful normal feature to the house.


Steel door for homes

Steel gives a wonderful door material to be chosen. Each steel section entryway is loaded
up with excellent protected froth. The joints and connections present in the entryway are
achieved with high-grade warm glues. Strength must be up there in the top reason for
you to think about a steel entryway. Alongside being exceptionally secure, steel passage
entryways end up being the absolute most durable door material. The main maintenance
that should be established on the steel door is to give a paint touch-up at the point when
there is damage.


Fibreglass door for homes

Fibreglass entryways endure the components without breaking or bowing. They won’t
rust, decay, or twist, and aren’t susceptible to bug invasion or erosion. Fibreglass doesn’t
swell or shrink. Being light in weight lessens the tensile weight on door pivots, giving you
an entryway that will proceed to open and close without staying or restricting. Fibreglass
entryways look spotless and new for longer and expect almost no upkeep. Standard
cleaning with a wet cloth ought to be adequate. Fibreglass doors are in an extensive
variety of design choices to suit each taste and budget.


Aluminium door for homes

Aluminium doors are generally utilized in business properties for their durability and
add strength. They lessen the possibility of a door being penetrated or broken by thieves.
These doors have all the earmarks of being a most loved decision with modern structures.
These doors mix well in structures that are already fitted with aluminium windows. They
especially make gorgeous completion that endures long. These doors can endure any
climatic circumstances. These doors won’t need to clean up frequently. Aluminium
opposes rust since it makes them ideal for use in any atmospheric condition, even in
regions close to the sea.


Glass door for home

Glass doors can carry modern excellence to your home. For your luxury houses on the
ocean side, in the mountains, or on the edge of a lake, the best choice is to fix a glass door
which won’t obstruct the view and it further gets in the outside and assist you with
feeling energized and associated with nature. Getting much normal light can also assist
you with decreasing your requirement for artificial light during the day, which has the
advantage of reducing the charges of your electricity bill. For those with a contemporary
style who are hoping to bring a greater amount of nature into their home, glass doors are
the best choice.

Laminated Flush

Laminated Flush door for home

A Flush door is a sober and lovely door that has got facings on both sides. It is regularly
utilized in private and public structures. Flush doors suit the best where there is the
necessity for light and cross ventilation. It works the best to guarantee protection and
security to the house. Flush doors are impervious to drill, termite and fungus. They are
correspondingly steady items. The flush doors are simple entryways with plain facings
on the two sides. It is simple in design and has an attractive appearance. It is highly strong
and durable. They can be easily bought and are budget-friendly. It is extremely easy to clean
and can be done quickly.

These are the common door materials. Other than these materials MDF doors, PVC doors,
UPVC doors, WPC doors, FRP doors are also available and utilized in Indian homes.
Contact Arcihteca if you are still in struggle to decide which kind of door suits the best
for your interior. Our expert team will guide you.

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