Our home is an abode of love where we expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor, peace, and happiness, progress and prosperity, health and wealth, and faith and spirituality. Therefore, to build a house considering all the above factors, we take the help of professionals who will be able to give us a good house with a solid foundation, strong walls, a proper structural balance with the right weight and pressure distribution, proper plumbing, electricity, air, light, etc. This branch of modern knowledge is called architecture, or civil engineering.

The ancient seers of India not only had knowledge of the above but many more things beyond them. Their building principles included the north-south flow of the magnetic forces, the east-west motion of the Earth, and the solar energy forces. Vaastu makes optimal use of magnetic, solar and spiritual forces, and the five basic elements, namely earth, fire, water, air, and space. These principles are based on practical reasons. For example, if the wall on the eastern side of the house is too high, you will not get enough sunlight.

Vaastu became a fashion 10 years ago, then it became a fad, then came fanaticism, and now, the society is full of misconception. Today, people are rejecting excellent houses because they face the west. The truth is that there is nothing against a house facing the west in Vaastu. In fact, there are several such houses all around Chennai where the residents are happy and prosperous.

West Facing Properties

Most people tend to think that only houses facing the east or north can bring prosperity, and therefore good for construction. But it is not so. Houses facing the west are suitable for people like teachers, politicians, priests and corporate business men. If you are constructing a house facing the west, it is important to keep in mind the level of the house. The western side should always be higher than the eastern side. This will ensure wealth to its residents.


This is the The road on the west side of the plot, i.e. the front road of the plot should be higher than the plot, but not higher than the floor of the building, i.e. floor level of the rooms, kitchen etc

Open Space

Open space in the front of the house should be minimum. According to Vaastu, plots with a road on the west can have the house adjoining the compound wall. There can be open space behind the house in the east or north.


The entrance gate to the house should be in the mid-west or northern half of the plot. According to Vaastu, a west facing north-west gate is most beneficial for the residents.


In a plot facing west, the area in the south-west should be raised in comparison to the north-east. So, the verandah and other rooms in the front of the house must be higher than the rooms in the rear. In Vaastu, while considering these levels, you should take into account the ground and first floors, and the terrace level. This rule about levels must be maintained for each floor.

Boundary Wall

Keep the wall in front higher than the one at the back. The compound walls in the south-west portion should be heavier than the walls in the north-east.

Water Storage/Sump

Never construct the water storage tank in the front portion of the house. It can be at the back, either in the east or the north, but not in the center of the rear/eastern wall of the house.


The corner of the house (where the south and west walls meet) should never be left open and must be constructed. Construct a servant’s room or the garage in this portion. However, the garage should not touch the main building of the house i.e. kitchen, bedrooms etc.


Balconies should be in the north-east of the house as the morning rays of the sun are beneficial to health. If you have a verandah in the south-west, comparatively bigger verandahs must be provided in the northeast. Verandahs in the south-west should be enclosed with a grilled gate or sliding doors.


It will be ideal to have the master bedroom in the south-west of the house, i.e. the front side of the house. Do not sleep with your head towards the north as this might result in sleeplessness. The bed should never be placed in the centre of the room. The children’s bedroom should be in the west side of the house, while the guest room should be in the north-west of the house.

Pooja Room

The pooja room should be in the northeast of the house. You should face the east while saying your prayers. A window in the north-east wall is beneficial, while the ceiling of your pooja room should be lower than other rooms.


The staircase constructed in the south, west, or south-west portion of the house, should always function in a clockwise direction while climbing up. The external staircase if any, should be in the front portion of the house.


The south-east part of the house should have your kitchen, and you should face the east while cooking. Place your sink in the north-west, and your refrigerator in the south-west of the kitchen. Paint your kitchen with light colours like white and yellow. Avoid red.


Vaastu allows tall trees in front of the house and small plants in the backyard and the northern side. Tall trees can also be planted in the south of the house.

Overhead Tank

The overhead tank should be in the south of the house, and must be raised a few inches from the roof level, thus being the highest point in the house.