Vastu For Bathroom/Toilet

These days the majority of Indian house owners prefer Vastu-compliant houses because of the belief that it would make their lives peaceful and will ensure positive energy within. Therefore, most of us put a great deal of effort in designing and remodeling each and every corner of our homes. But this effort should not just be around the living room or bedrooms but we should also give equal importance to every room and corner. Such a neglected area is the bathroom or toilet space of some houses. Convenience in life and space crunch has brought the bathrooms not only inside our home but also attached to our bedrooms. If a bathroom or toilet is not constructed according to Vastu principles then it can lead to financial issues, loss of wealth, or even health issues for the residents.

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Vastu Tips for Bathroom/Toilets

Things to Avoid According to Vastu in Bathroom/Toilet

Do not build the bath area in the south or in the south-east or south-west direction

Avoid construction of a toilet at the center and in the east, northeast of the house

It should not be adjacent to Pooja Room, kitchen, and under the stairs

Do not paint the bathroom with warning colors like red and black

Avoid metal door as it fosters negativity and could have an adverse effect on your health

Do not use any sort of decorative statues or religious idols in the bathroom door

Do not keep the bathroom door open as it lets negative energy pervade your home and create obstacles in personal and professional life

As per Vastu, the toilet should not share a wall with the bedroom, pooja room, or kitchen as it brings in negative vibe to the house

Life is too short to live with issues and negativity. Therefore follow these principles and enjoy a stress-free, peaceful, healthy, and wealthy life with your family and make your house a blissful place to live.

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