Vastu For Bedrooms

A bedroom is one of the most happening room in the entire house. Its not only vital for a peaceful and nurturing sleep for a relaxed and physical well being but is also indispensable for the contentment of mind, body and soul. With increasing interior design fashion trends in the world, people love to design their house according to their choice. Many of us who cannot design the whole house often love to design and arrange their own bedroom according to ones taste and preference.
With the increasing popularity of Vastu Shastra, people have started following certain rules for the bedroom which makes the room a blissful place to stay in. If designed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, there are so many benefits like it attracts positive energies, balance the flow of energies, increase the inflow of money, make relationships harmonious, strengthen family bonding, encourage peace of mind and make life secure. Even sleeping at wrong direction, can cause health issues like depression, fatigue, and various other health problems. Therefore, it is very important to understand the dynamics of Vastu for ensuring a perfect bedroom for peaceful sleep.
Master Bedroom

Should be ideally placed in the south-west corner of the house

Kid’s Bedroom

Kid’s room should be placed in the west-facing direction

Guest Bedroom

East-facing rooms are ideal for the guest rooms

Study Room

South-east corner is considered to be the best direction for studying and working

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Rules in Vastu Shastra for the Bedroom

Things to Avoid in Vastu for Bedrooms

Make sure there is no storage underneath the bed as it disrupts the energy field resulting in highly disturbed sleep.

Never consider building the master bedroom in the North-East direction and South-East direction.

Get rid of creaking and damaged furniture immediately.

There should not be any beam crossing over the bed.

Do not place a mirror exactly opposite to the bed as it might bring bad luck or even cause health problems.

Do not place the bed right across the bathroom 

Avoid having bedrooms in the centre of the house.

Avoid dark colour furniture, wallpaper or paint.

Avoid any irregular shapes for your bed.

Avoid violence statue or painting in the bedroom.

Keeping these tips in mind to set your bedrooms can go a long way in promoting a harmonious relationship among family members. It can also bring good fortune with finance and health. Are you searching for an expertise team for your next project? If yes, then your search ends here at ARCHITECA. We are professionals who work on projects in compliance with proper Vastu principles which are highly appreciated by our clientele for accurate and highly-effective solutions. Being counted among the best Vastu consultants in Nagercoil, we offer reliable and trustworthy solutions at a reasonable cost.