Vastu For East Facing House

We all know that Vastu plays a major role in a person’s professional and personal life. If done right, it can bring in incomparable results. Thinking about Vastu for an east-facing house? Most of us find it hard when it comes to identifying the direction where the house faces. Don’t worry just stand inside your house, face the main gate or the main door and that would be the direction of your house. The same way, east facing house Vastu plans are not hard to come by, it just requires a little research homework from your part and the best team of architects to accomplish it.

East facing properties and houses are considered auspicious and they are the second most preferred direction to build houses, apartments, or buildings.

Benefits of Choosing East Facing House

As the sun rises from the east it symbolizes life & is said to bring positive enormous positivity

Assured wealth, prosperity, and progress in life

Effective for deskwork, studies

East is governed by the sun, so it’s found to be favourable for the inmates

Brings excellence in peace, harmony, fame, and development

Personals like government officials, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, photographers, professor, etc. are most suitable to own an east facing house

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Things to be Noted on Vastu for an East Facing House

Things to Avoid for an East Facing House

Strictly avoid placing bathrooms or septic tanks in the north-east corner

Avoid placement of bedroom in the north-east corner

Its a strict no for staircase placement in the north-east of a house

Avoid constructing kitchen in the north-east corner of the house

Its better to avoid plots that have a slope from north to south

Better not to plant large trees in the east or north side of the house

Avoid any kind of cuts in the north-east corner as it is considered inauspicious

Do not dump garbage, dirt, or pace dustbins in the in North and North-east side

To conclude with, east-facing properties are definitely considered good for constructing your dream home, apartments or buildings. But, not all properties turn out to be good or auspicious. So, it is crucial for anyone to stick to the right rules of Vastu Shastra and follow them religiously to make a peaceful space for you and your family.

It is very important to know what should be done to maintain the auspicious condition of your home or property and what should be not done to avoid obsolescence. For this, you need an expert in Vastu Shastra. ARCHITECA is an experienced team that has extensive exposure to involving Vastu Shastra for happy living where we take care of your needs and provide crucial tips on every minute detail.