Vastu For Interiors

Anything that is found inside a space including the walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, furnishings, lightings, furniture etc are known to be part of an interior design. But all these elements must be utilized and placed properly to develop a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for the house owner. Many of us believe that Vastu Shastra i only related to the design and construction aspects of a house or property. However, the fact is that it is as much applicable to the interior décor of homes. An interior of a house that is designed based on Vastu Shastra principles portrays a deep understanding of different zones and brings in harmony to the residents.

As there are both positive and negative zones, Vastu Shastra principles aim at striking a balance between both. Planning the interiors according to Vaastu can open the doors of the prosperity, health, wealth and overall happiness in the house.

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Tips For Interior Planning of a House

  • When it comes to interiors of the house, it’s categorised into two parts that is positive and negative zones. Vastu principles advises to keep the positive zone light and this is considered to be in the north, east or northeast direction.
  • Colours play an important role in vastu shastra, because they serve as mood dictators. Some of the Vastu approved colours for positivity are blue for tranquillity, green for healing, yellow for optimism and wealth, beige for relaxation and tan for humility and happiness.
  • Vastu advises to use dark dark coloured curtains like red or black or dark grey in the living room and light coloured curtains for the bedrooms.
  • Ceilings are considered to be the head of the house. Ideally, flat ceilings free from irregular carvings or cuts are preferred as it helps to lead a balance life.
  • Vastu suggests using bright lights inside the house as house without light or dim light is considered to be a place of darkness and negativity.
  • Mirrors if not used in a cautious manner, it can lead to misery and losses. Using mirror in positive zones attracts positivity and is considered healthy for the family. According to the Vastu Shastra rules, mirrors must be ideally placed at the east or north facing direction of the house.
  • Furniture should be ideally placed in the south-east, south or west side of the house. Its better to leave the north-east corner of each room of the house empty.
  • Clocks should be placed in north, west or east walls
  • Paintings always create an active ambience inside the house. But however while choosing paintings for our interiors avoid negatively impacting pictures such as fighting animals, death scenes, barren tress, owls, snakes, bats, pigeon etc.
  • Try to include even number of columns and beams in the house as it helps in the balance of the building structure.
  • Dining table should be placed in the northwest corner of the room. It should not have sharp edges and should be placed without touching the walls.
  • Electronics like AC, cooler, fridge etc should be placed in the northwest portion of the room, while the TV should be placed in the North, East or Southeast side.
  • North side is ideal for office room, study room or reception
  • South-east is the best direction for kitchen.
  • North-east is the ideal to construct the worship place
  • Vastu suggests material like mosaic, ceramic tiles, or marbles for flooring. Avoid white marble tiles for regular rooms.

Things To Avoid in Vastu for Interiors

Avoid dim lights anywhere inside the house

Avoid non-working clock as it will stagnant the energy of your home

Avoid unhappy and violent paintings or any piece of art inside the house

Avoid using red or black colours as house paints.

Avoid keeping a mirror opposite the bed or facing a mirror while sitting or sleeping.

Avoid sharp edged furniture in the house as its believed to cut the flow of the energy forcing it to move in the wrong direction.

Avoid placing larger indoor plants in the North-eastern direction of the house.

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