Vastu For Interiors

Anything that is found inside a space including the walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, furnishings, lightings, furniture etc are known to be part of an interior design. But all these elements must be utilized and placed properly to develop a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for the house owner. Many of us believe that Vastu Shastra i only related to the design and construction aspects of a house or property. However, the fact is that it is as much applicable to the interior décor of homes. An interior of a house that is designed based on Vastu Shastra principles portrays a deep understanding of different zones and brings in harmony to the residents.

As there are both positive and negative zones, Vastu Shastra principles aim at striking a balance between both. Planning the interiors according to Vaastu can open the doors of the prosperity, health, wealth and overall happiness in the house.

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Tips For Interior Planning of a House

Things To Avoid in Vastu for Interiors

Avoid dim lights anywhere inside the house

Avoid non-working clock as it will stagnant the energy of your home

Avoid unhappy and violent paintings or any piece of art inside the house

Avoid using red or black colours as house paints.

Avoid keeping a mirror opposite the bed or facing a mirror while sitting or sleeping.

Avoid sharp edged furniture in the house as its believed to cut the flow of the energy forcing it to move in the wrong direction.

Avoid placing larger indoor plants in the North-eastern direction of the house.

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