Vastu For Kitchen

At this present circumstance and with lifestyle changes, good health is a key to stay positive and happy to lead a contented personal and professional life. The same way, the kitchen is one of the most affected areas of the house and according to Vastu Shastra, this is considered to be the area where all the energies prevail and are the primary contributing factor in the well-being and health of the residents. After all, the kitchen represents the element of fire (Agni) and brings in the balance of energies, so it’s a must to have a good, clean, well-maintained, and fresh kitchen to attract the Lord of Fire (Agni) who has the power to burn all the negativity inside the house.

Constructing a kitchen in your house according to the guidance of Vastu Shastra has always found to been beneficial for the family from ages. It helps you to evade health-related problems like allergies, lethal diseases, etc. It also helps the occupants to stay away from financial issues, family disputes, etc.

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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Things to be avoided in Kitchen According to Vastu

Never ever place the kitchen in the north or north-east location of the house as it can affect the residents' career

Never keep garbage or unwanted stuff inside the kitchen as it can cause monetary, and health issues in the family

Never face the west side while cooking as it can cause health problems to the cook

It’s better to avoid dining inside the kitchen to maintain the sanctity

Kitchen should never face the entrance of the house

Never build a kitchen adjoining the bathroom/toilet

Avoid placing the gas stove right in front of the entrance

Avoid kitchen directly under or above pooja room

Avoid constructing the kitchen under the toilet or bathroom

Door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet

Avoid black colour for the kitchen as it is considered as bad luck

Avoid placing the fridge in the north-east direction

Be it any corner of the house, following the Vastu tips properly can bring peace and prosperity to everyone’s lives. The science of Vastu is based on age-old concepts and practical applicability but, it can be definitely adapted to both modern and traditional kitchen designs of your homes.

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