Vastu For North Facing House

Vastu Shastra compliance is nowadays one of the most important factors that influence the decision of buyers, sellers, and tenants. Vastu Shastra is basically of ancient Indian origin that is a combination of spirituality and science. Therefore, one should select new properties or houses based on Vastu as it makes the investment more beneficial and fruitful. Nowadays, even without structural demolition, Vastu defects can be cleared with a suggestion from experts.

The North direction is basically considered to be most prominent in navagraha mandal and for Vastu Purusha. According to Vastu maestro, the North and the North-East direction is known to be the zone of good health and immunity. It ensures a proper balance between physical and mental health. Hence, if this area of the house is imbalanced, it might affect the body resistance and weaken the immune system. 

Benefits of Choosing North Facing House

It is the most common orientation as it is considered auspicious

North represents water element and water means wealth in Vastu

Offers good fortune and prosperity to its residents

Most perfect for the people with their business or those involved in financial services

Helps to keep the interiors cool naturally, saving on energy costs

Attract positive energy into the houses

Children are believed to attain higher education & success in career

People who can choose north-facing houses include businessmen, bankers, investors, traders and brokers, astrologers, Vastu experts, hotel management staffs, etc.

East Facing House

West Facing House

South Facing House

Things to be Noted on Vastu for an North Facing House

Things to Avoid for an North Facing House

Make sure there are no cuts in the northeast corner

Strictly no to bathrooms in the northeast corner

Avoid bedrooms in the northeast direction

Do not place the staircase in north or northeast direction

Do not place the septic tank in the northeast corner

Avoid using red, yellow, or maroon colour for a north-facing house Vastu

Avoid planting large trees on the north side of your house

Do not dump garbage or place dustbins on the north or northeast

Avoid construction of underground tanks in the northwest

Kitchens should be not placed in north or northeast direction

Following Vastu Shastra in the right way for your new home brings in much harmony to live, taking advantage of all good aspects of nature, science, and spirituality. Be it custom designing any particular rooms such as living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, pooja rooms, etc. or Vastu suggestion for your residence, apartment, building, etc. our team of professionals can guide you with it. With years of experience in the industry, we provide authentic, professional Vastu & consultancy to our clients. We are a bunch of experts who believe in a mode of architecture that imbibes the spirit of the past, present, and future. Our architecture and construction services are inspired by the rich tradition, culture, and modern aspects.