Vastu For Pooja Room

As an ancient Indian architectural system, Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance in the design and structure of one’s home. If rightly followed, then it can bring in positive energy to your homes whereas anything incorrect can bring negativity. 

Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with different rules and regulations, similarly, the art of worshipping has got certain factors that bring in various benefits. Same way while planning a house, many of us ignore a separate space for pooja room due to constraints in space. But in reality, we should never sideline the need to make a place for almighty. Creating a room for worshipping, bring you positive vibrations and will energize your mind, body, soul and environment. The pooja room should be designed carefully as it plays a significant role in a house, to maintain harmony and positivity.

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Vastu Rules For Pooja room

  • The northeast side is considered to be the most auspicious and divine location for the worship place in a house
  • The second-best location to place your pooja room is the east or the north direction 
  • Placing divine images are a good option for pooja room rather than placing idols
  • Ideally, the architectural design of the pooja room should be a pyramid-structure resembling the gopura of a temple. This design structure is believed to enhance positive energy in the space. 
  • Storage space in the pooja room should be located in the south or the west and also make sure that nothing should be stored above the idol.
  • Ideally, the pooja place should be placed on the ground floor of the house
  • If you are so insistent to place idols then keep them in east and/or west of the pooja room and keep the idols a few inches away from the wall
  • If idols are placed, make sure it’s in perfect condition
  • Preferably it’s better to have two shutter door made of good quality wood for the pooja room door
  • Place the pooja room door and windows towards the north or east walls
  • The prefered colours of marble for the pooja room is white or light yellow as its more auspicious
  • Place the Agnikund in the pooja room in the south-east corner
  • Since the pooja room would be the smallest, it requires bright lights or you can even have a window in the northeast direction

Things to Avoid in a Pooja Room

Never place a pooja place in the south direction.

Do not build the pooja room in the storeroom of your house

Do not hang pictures of violence, animals, or birds in the pooja area

Idols inside the pooja room should never face the south

Avoid pooja room next to the kitchen or toilet area of the house

Do not make the pooja room under the staircase

Always keep the pooja room clean and tidy

Never keep money or any other valuables in the pooja room

Avoid pooja room inside the bedrooms. However, if there is no option then only use the north-east corner of the room

Do not place the idols directly facing the entrance door of the pooja room

Avoid pooja room in the basement or the first or other floors

Never keep a dustbin in the pooja area as it reduces the positivity

To conclude, having a place to worship within your house is very important. But, at the same time its also important to construct one according to the rules and principles of Vastu Shastra to welcome all the positive energies, good luck, gratitude, and love within the residents. So, use the above-mentioned tips and find the best team in town to construct or revamp your sacred space. 

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