Vaastu For South Facing House

Vastu shastra is one prevalent factor that homeowners consider while buying and designing their own comfortable spaces. Vastu positions the house in such a way that all the elements channel the positive energy and attract more good fortune, health, and happiness to the inmates. Over a while, south-facing houses have earned quite a lot of bad opinions and reputation among people. But, this is just a misconception. Even a South facing house can be very auspicious and allow positive energy and good luck to the owners, only if it follows the right and specific Vastu principles.

If you are considering getting a plot or house with south-facing, then go through the following things.

Benefits of Choosing South Facing House

The Southside of a house see the most hours of sunlight during day time

A south-facing garden takes advantage to grow more plants

People living in this direction is intensely strong and firm in their decision

South Direction is the best for public activities like consulting services

South facing plots get magnetic forces, energy which is good for health & wealth

South facing houses make the owners financially strong

Residents are generally seen to have firm determination in achieving their goals

South directional house is believed to be good for money matters

South-facing houses are found best for people from administrative services, armed or paramilitary forces, manufacturing, entertainment industry, etc.

East Facing House

West Facing House

North Facing House

Things to be Noted on Vastu for a South Facing House

Things to Avoid for an South Facing House

Never place the main door or entrance in the south-west corner

Do not construct well or bore well in the south-west corner

Avoid plots that slopes from north to south

Make sure there is no cut or extension in the south side

Avoid constructing the parking space on the south side

Do not keep much open space in the south than the north

Avoid the kitchen position in the south-west

Avoid random placement of mirrors in a south-facing house

Avoid painting your house with black, blue, or grey colour

Avoid window, door and ventilation in the south direction

Completely avoid a south-facing house if there is a T-junction

Avoid septic tanks in the south-west corner

If you are having a south-facing house or plot, there is no need to feel doubtful or insecure. All you need to do is follow the Vastu Shastra tips because despite all the myths and rumours, south-facing houses can be lucky for many of us. Any house that’s constructed in accordance with Vastu principles can play a major role in bringing happiness, success and good health to its residents due to the good flow of energy. 

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