Vaastu For West Facing House

West facing houses are the third choice for people with first and second choices being North and East facing houses respectively. Despite all the misbelief the west-facing houses are considered good for prospects and can attract many opportunities for your well-being and growth. Still, many people fear opting West facing plots, but why? Well, there is no such issue in a west-facing plot or house, and when a property or house is chosen and constructed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, it brings good fortune.

Benefits of Choosing West Facing House

West facing houses higher than the floor in the east can bring in prosperity and wealth

People living in west faced houses are bold, open-minded & has a practical approach 

West facing houses are most suited for professionals like teachers, corporate business personalities, religious priests, politicians, doctors, nurses, etc.

People living in this direction are more social and extroverts who result in financial or business gains

West facing houses gets cooler in the evening after sunset

Residents are likely to have plenty of friends, mostly they won’t have enemies

West-facing doors or entrance have a sense of youth and exuberance

West-facing doors are believed to let in energy into the house

East Facing House

North Facing House

South Facing House

Things to be Noted on Vastu for an West Facing House

Things to Avoid for an West Facing House

Avoid plot extension towards the south-west

Do not paint the west side walls in green

Avoid overhead tank in the north-east of the house

Do not place the kitchen in the northeast zone

The main door should be the tallest and other doors should not be as big or beautiful as the main door.

Avoid a west side property or house, where the entrance is blocked with tree, electric pole etc.

The water well feature in the west can be a peace ruining element to the inmates

Avoid the main door in 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th pada of the west-facing house

As you can see, nowhere in Vastu Shastra its mentioned that west-facing homes are inauspicious to live. It’s high time to put that myth away. If you make use of the above-listed guidelines to buy or construct your own west-facing house, then it can turn out to be an excellent choice. It is always important to have proper guidance on Vastu as it has a certain positive influence on one’s lifestyle and health. Incorporating a well-balanced and pleasant environment around you, can generate positive flow across the house and will bring in good luck, peace, prosperity and better health.

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