Why you will love Contemporary Designing Style?

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A Note on Contemporary Style

First of all, what does contemporary mean? Is it a modern style? For what reason is this well
known in all the fields? Keep reading to find the answer. Contemporary Design styles are in
trend since the 1900s. Hence it is not only a modern style.

Confused? Not any longer. A contemporary style is nothing but the merge of essential designs from a wide range of styles. Touch of modernism, simplicity as a key quality and additional natural inputs, Contemporary style is ruling the ongoing period. Apart from private construction, commercial construction also getting into this style. Neutral colour palettes and wood tones pull up the attention.
Interesting, isn’t it? There is a lot more to know!!!

Formation of Contemporary styles

A summarized hint to having a Contemporary design is to have a very simple design and
arrangements. The wooden tones, metal works, usage of stones, flooded natural light in open
space, making use of glass, and creation of a warm space with a neutral colour palette are a
few key elements combined to frame the Contemporary style. Allow us to examine this in

Contemporary styled rooms

Rooms altogether form a house. Therefore we shall discuss in detail designing each type
of room.


contemporary kitchen

A messless and easytoclean workspace, along with the modern
cabinets, traditional flooring and very few open wooden shelves give the appearance
of a Contemporary Kitchen. “Everything in its space” must be the formula. Consider
upgrading the appliances. It is necessary to have the most needed pieces of stuff and
it is a mustfollowed rule in contemporary design. A simple yet elegant dining table
with matching chairs of any preferred size is a point to be thought of while designing
your contemporary kitchen.


contemporary bedroom

Clear out all the charming decors. Don’t have any genderoriented
accessories. Focus on minimalism. Don’t have a lot of pillows. Create it as in luxury
hotels. A stage bed will help to have neat underneath. Carelessness in the selection of
pillow covers, and bedspreads will mess up the complete appearance. Lighting should
be sensibly selected. Have very few light fittings as well. An open space like a balcony
with a wide window or door which let natural light inside will be an acceptable

Living Room  
  contemporary living room
Have wondered where to place some of your collections in a
contemporarystyle house? It should be the living room. Remember not all the
collections, a couple of them, show your taste in collections and match other
materials in the living room. Focus on space, have multifunctional furniture with
wooden texture, an artwork, add some geometric shapes, rugs if required and a few
other creatures which don’t disturb its simplicity.


Design a unique and customized bathroom including the fittings.
Don’t miss out to have elegant designs, perfect layouts, spaciousness and spotless
appearance. As like other rooms it is necessary to consider flawless design for a
bathroom as well.

Contemporary styled furniture

Functional furniture which is simple yet sophisticated, contemporary yet cosy,
minimalistic yet multiuse to be chosen for contemporary styled furniture. Bring in some
bright colours on furniture if needed. Materials like wood, and stainless steel can be
considered. Geometric patterns can play some tricks too.

Contemporary-styled colours & textures

A neutral colour palette, muted shades of blue, green and other bold colours, and a punch
of black are the contemporary styled colours. Usage of pastel colours is one of the reasons
why contemporary style gives a classy, clean and cheerful presence.
The texture can be created by having more natural features. A lot of open space allows natural light, wooden tones which go well with the neutral colours, and metal decors for attraction and greenery are to be considered for the texture of the contemporary style.

SIMPLE!!! SIMPLE!!! SIMPLE!!! It’s that easy but needs more invention and patience to create
a contemporary-styled design. We
Architeca Design Build Firm, with a team of experienced
experts in this field, will provide you with the best design of your desire. All you need to do
is, dialling us.

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