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We work closely with you to complete every project with efficiency and excellence. Whether the project is a major kitchen, bathroom renovation, living room renovation, bedroom renovation, flooring addition, we prioritize integrity, punctuality, honesty, and transparency in all of our work. It is our culture to provide you a highest quality experience.

Living room renovation

Renovating your home’s vital spaces like living rooms can be very exciting, but it can also turn into a challenging task if it doesn’t have a perfect renovation pre-plan. That is the reason our renovation architects in Tamil Nadu make the definite plan by understanding your each and every concern and get into the execution phase once the plan approval by your side. Discuss your design aspirations with us beforehand to perfect your home hassle-free.

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen is the place where your family gets together and it is the most important room in your home. Your every day starts and end at kitchen. As your kitchen bring your home members together, you will need a calm and quiet environment there. Renovating a kitchen can motivate your family members to cook at home itself every time which helps you stay healthy. Therefore, it is essential to make a functional, aesthetically and pleasing kitchen interior for your family’s happiness and health. ARCHITECA can help you to create a beautiful kitchen as we are experts and have years of experience in kitchen renovation and remodelling. Our modern construction technique and high-quality materials make a high-end kitchen that will stay trendy and fresh for years. Discuss with our executives to make your dream kitchen of your personal taste.

Bathroom renovation

Your bathroom is the place you get ready to take on the day and often the place you unwind at the end of each one. We want this space to rejuvenate you, helping you feel fresh, rested and ready to take on anything. Your bathroom must be a soothing and relaxing space which escape you from tensions of your daily life. Commonly, people don’t give much priority to the design of their bathroom and they trust choosing the accessories and fittings by the plumbers. If you need a bathroom that goes beyond normal usage in order to enhance your life style, then you need to hire the best home renovation contractor in Chennai.

Bedroom renovation

Bedroom renovation can be challenging if you are not aware on what you need. In such cases, ARCHITECA design build firm will guide with how you can renovate your bedroom with modular wardrobes, dressing unit, vanity and more. Your bedroom should have a pleasing personality as it can give you a good sleep. Plan it today with us and make your bedroom elegant and functional. As we provide design-build solution, you can save your additional cost spend for trivial purchase.

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