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Let's Build Your Future Together with Architeca

Join Our Network of Trusted Vendors

Are you a skilled professional in the fields of plumbing, electrical work, construction labor, or related services?

Join our network of trusted vendors and become part of the Architecha family.

We collaborate with experienced professionals to deliver exceptional construction and interior design projects to our clients.

Vendor Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor partner with Architecha.
Please fill out the following form to apply for registration.

    PainterPlumberElectricianCarpenterHVAC TechnicianLandscaperRoofing ContractorFlooring InstallerGeneral Contractor

    Terms and Conditions

    Before completing the registration process, please review our terms and conditions for vendor collaboration:

    Payment Terms:

    Payment schedules and terms will be agreed upon for each project.

    Project Expectations:

    Vendors are expected to meet project deadlines and deliver high-quality workmanship.

    Confidentiality Agreement:

    Vendors must adhere to confidentiality agreements to protect sensitive project information.

    Communication Protocol:

    Clear communication channels will be established to ensure smooth collaboration between Architecha and vendors.

    Performance Standards:

    Vendors are expected to maintain professional conduct and adhere to performance standards set by Architecha.