How architecture represents the culture

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Architecture is a matter of human life reflects the culture in every society interact closely with historical, political, economic, and social features of society. The monuments present in a region and make it unique. The development of the society in all aspects are reflect be it in terms of construction techniques, materials etc. The social, […]

How the technology impact on Architecture

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Architecture has the power to delight, inspire and transform. In future the new technology will be innovative in the materials used and future building structures. It is always driven innovation in construction and building design and the technological advances of the digital age provide the industry with number of new tools to take building design […]

Traditional vs Modern Architecture

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Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. It is the art and profession of designing buildings. The technique and materials used in the structure of the buildings are all different. The modern architect typical use of glass and steel whereas tradition architect relies on the use of materials like brick, stone, and wood. […]

tips for building a house on a budget


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For every one of us, building our dream home is one of the biggest and exciting projects of a lifetime. A new home is a huge commitment and it takes time, knowledge, and savings. Owning a home is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make, and therefore you’ll want to do it wisely. But when […]

Architectural Designs For Houses

Architectural Designs For Houses – Styles Which We Follows

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Our architects and designers offer the most popular and diverse selection of architectural styles to make search for your dream home plan an easier and more enjoyable experience. Whether you’re looking for a cozy country home, traditional ranch, luxurious villa or just looking to be inspired, you’ll definitely enjoy the journey with us looking through […]

living room design

24 Best Inspirational Living Room Design ideas 2020

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Every house owner has different ideas when it comes to living room design of their house. Out of different areas of a house, the living room is considered to be the centre of attraction. A good living room is generally harmonious, elegant and fit in with the taste and personality of the people who use […]

types of stairs

Different Types of Stairs With Merits & Demerits

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Hello Guys! Are you going to build or renovate your house/office and thinking a lot about the types of stairs that will create a stunning impact on your infrastructure? Then Architeca Designers and Builders is here to solve your every problem regarding the choice of stairs within your space. As you all know a stair is a combination of steps in different […]


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  How To Choose The Best Construction Company To Build Your House Every year a number of people are spending too much on remodeling and building new houses. Hence finding a trustworthy construction company is a real challenge with increasing competition. Choosing the right construction company for building the house is the most important decision which requires […]

Types of Foundations For Buildings

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Are you going to build your new house, office, etc. and want to know about the different types of foundations for building? Then you are at the right place where you will get accurate information for your residential or commercial buildings. Our builders depict the structural view in front of you that will help you […]