Different Types of Stairs With Merits & Demerits

Hello Guys! Are you going to build or renovate your house/office and thinking a lot about the types of stairs that will create a stunning impact on your infrastructure? Then Architeca Designers and Builders is here to solve your every problem regarding the choice of stairs within your space.

As you all know a stair is a combination of steps in different forms or shapes within the building that helps in connecting the one portion of the building to the other portion. The room where the stair is built knows as a staircase. Our Builders make the best staircase in your commercial or residential place.

There are a lot of stairs designs available in the design books and on the Internet when people decide to install the stairs in their homes or offices, they often consult with their colleagues, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Everyone makes their house with surprising architecture. People spend a lot of money to make their house wonderful in front of every one according to their pocket. And Our Construction Company offers you everything in one place within your budget requirements.

In this blog, everyone gets to know the different types of stairs with its pros and cons that will help you in choosing the better way with our Best Construction Company.

Different Types of Stairs

There are varieties of stairs structure that you can construct in your home or any building at affordable prices. These are as follows:-

1. Straight Stairs: –

These are the oldest and most commonly used staircase in both the residential or commercial areas. Our Construction Company builds this staircase easily. This staircase has a single path of steps without turning point between the steps. It connects the ground portion to the upper portion of the building. It is just like a ladder.

straight stairs


• These stairs are available at cheaper rates.
• These staircases look simple but have so many designs option with different kind of material that gives the straight staircase unique and eye-catching looks.
• These stairs are safe to use.
• The design of railings and handrails easily fit in these stairs.
• These stairs are flexible and easily modified according to the customer’s needs.


• These stairs have a lack of privacy in joint families as it has no visual barrier between the two or more rooms.
• These straight stairs cover the large space in the building and not suitable for small space.
• These stairs sometimes are dangerous as it has long height and falling from these stairways may cause serious injurious to anyone.
• There is no partition in the straight stairway between the different steps

2. L- Shaped stairs: –

The L shape staircase is a deviation of straight stairs with the bending point after a few steps in the staircase. It is also known as a quarter landing stairway by forming a 90-degree angle between quarter steps depending on the infrastructure of the buildings.

l shaped stairs


• These types of staircases have a privacy point between the two floors in the families.
• The visualization of these l- shape stairs is very interesting.
• These staircases help in lower down the sound from one level to another as they construct within the walls.
• These stairs are safe in case of falling down from stairs with the turning point as compare to the straight staircase.
• These stairs are helpful for older people as it has a rest point.
• You can also build this stairway at the corner according to your interior design.


• These stairs are difficult to build but our Builders in Tirunelveli do their work in efficient time as per customer needs.
• The constructional design of the railings and handrails is sometimes difficult or time-consuming.
• For upstairs hallway these stairs need support.
• If there are two or more floors in the house or office then it is difficult to carry the items from one level to another. Like from the ground floor to top floor you have an L- shaped staircase then moving any heavy item like a sofa, the cupboard is very difficult.

3. U- Shaped stairs:-

The U- shaped Stairs are also known as Half Turn stairs that make two 90 degrees angle in parallel position within the half-turn steps. These staircases have also common usage in the large residential areas or commercial areas. The people who are struggling with straight stairway find it better with the large turning point between steps for rest.

u shaped stairs


• The architectural design of these stairs is easy to construct by our Construction Company
• These stairs have a great visual appearance in the building.
• The stairway has the best position in the corner of the building.
• This staircase has a privacy point between two or more floors.
• It is also known as switchback stairs by switching the resting point between the steps.


• These stairs require more effort and support of architectures during its installation.
• Moving heavy items on these staircases is sometimes difficult from one floor to another floor.
• The design of railing on these stairs is also a time-consuming task.
• These stairs often take the curved shape in its landing point if having less space in the home or office.

4. Winder stairs: –

The Winder staircase is a type of L- shaped stairs with some variations by forming pie shape steps and triangle shape steps between the staircases in a turning point. This design is commonly used in old homes and offices. These stairs are in wedge shape gives a turning point with 90 degrees on single winder step and 180 degrees with double winder steps.

winder stairs


• These stairs take less space as compare to another staircase.
• The visual appearance of these staircases is very attractive.
• The modern houses also use these stairs because they form seamless conversion as they roam around corners.
• These stairways create an eye-pleasing effect on others by its solid form.


• The winder staircase has no landing point as they are in continuous form in different stair steps.
• These stairs are difficult to construct as compared to L- shape stairs with perfect plotting route.
• The handrails or railings are not easily fit on these kinds of staircases.
• Fallings from these stairs can cause serious injuries without center support so center support is necessary for implementing these stairs design at homes.
• One person can move at one time.

5. Spiral Stairs: –

These staircases are mostly found in modern houses, restaurants, pubs, beach house etc. and are in the innovation style. It has one central point through which all the footsteps are adjoining in an upward direction via floor giving it a centric view from the above portion.

spiral stairs


• With its compact design, these stairways take only small space within the building.
• The design is very attractive and is best suitable at the corner portion of the commercial or residential place.
• There are different types of hand railings used to make its design extraordinary.
• These stairs already have structural support with its center pole.
• The installation process of these staircases is direct.
• These stairs form a circular shape when you look from the upper stairs.


• Navigation of spiral stairs is hard as compared to other types of stairs.
• No two people can move at the same time in these kinds of stairs as one has to wait for others to go downward or upward.
• Moving large or heavy items on these stairs is also difficult and sometimes causes fall or injuries.

6. Curved Stairs: –

The designs of curved staircases are elegant and create a lasting impression on business premises or residential premises. These stairways are most commonly designs at the entrance of the premises.

curved stairs


• Curved stairs are useful and suitable at every kind of home.
• Moving up or down on the curved footsteps is easy.
• The curve is moderate and easy to navigate.
• The visual appearance is very interesting.
• These stairs have a large radius and make a helical arc shape.


• The construction of these stairs take a large time and difficult.
• They are a little bit expensive as compare to others.
• Moving large items is sometimes a time-consuming task.
• These staircases are not in circular form as in the case of the spiral.

7. Ladder stairs: –

These types of stairs are very useful for tight space areas with a spot on both sides. Ladder design is not used as the main stair because they are usually helpful in connecting the floor area to the roof area. These staircases are available in a variety of design in the market. The handrails are connected either from the middle of the footsteps or from the first footstep to last depending on the interior design of the house.

lader stairs


• The architectural design is very simple of ladder stairways.
• These stairs are less expensive as compare to other stairways.
• These stairs are solid when moving upward or downward from one floor to another floor.
• You can also build the wheels on the stair for moving them or fold them when you have used.
• These staircases are helpful for reaching the upper portions to carry some items easily.


• Not suitable for the main or primary staircase at the premises.
• These staircases have large steps with which moving downward sometimes difficult.
• Not best is used for old age people or children.

8. Split Stairs: –

These are the stairs that connect the ground floor to the upper floor in two different directions where two or more rooms in the building. These stairs are used as an entranceway in the large or big houses where space is more. The design is known as bifurcated.

split stairs


• These stairs are useful as they make privacy point between the upper floors with different rooms.
• The design is very elegant and noticeable by the others.
• There is one landing point from the two flights of stairs starting with the wider staircase at the bottom of the floor.
• The one Flight of footsteps is in the right direction and the other is in the left direction.


• These stairs are very expensive as compare to other stairs.
• Not suitable for a small space house.
• Requires more architectural support while constructing these stairs.

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In the end, we want to say that hiring Architeca Designers and Builders for installing the best and quality staircase in your commercial as well as residential areas is the ideal choice. So, without searching a lot about other construction companies just call our construction company that deals at affordable prices. Our Company serves all around the Nation and have many happy and satisfied clients.
In the above article, we have explained a few types of stairs if you want to know more about the stairs then feel free to contact our company – Architeca Designers and Builders. You can also check the customer reviews before hiring us on our esteemed website.

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