24 Best Inspirational Living Room Design ideas 2020

Every house owner has different ideas when it comes to living room design of their house. Out of different areas of a house, the living room is considered to be the centre of attraction. A good living room is generally harmonious, elegant and fit in with the taste and personality of the people who use it. You can have limitless possibilities and ideas to create your living room design. But you need to start with the basic question: what do you want to use it for? A place for social gatherings, a space to watch TV with the family, or as a dining space when a room separator is implemented.

Here’s the list of some of the latest living room design ideas and styles that you can incorporate in this 2020

1) Elemental Twist:

Elemental Twist

A modern-leaning design of the mid-19th-century highlighted with elemental furniture and vibrant burst of colour combinations.

2) Striking Simplicity:

Striking Simplicity

This type of living room is designed with soft upholstered furniture along with a calm neutral palette and dreamy lighting that can create a soothing atmosphere to relax and catch up with family & friends.

3) Family Heirlooms:

Family Heirlooms

These types of living rooms are highlighted in a white colour theme with velvet upholstery, a classic sofa, a vintage coffee table, chandelier and classic painting.

4) Back to Back:

Back to Back

The back to back living room design creates two seating areas and alternate vantage points, ideal for creating more intimate conversation zones in a larger space.

5) High Contrast Living Room:

High Contrast Living Room

A deep black theme complementing warm whites with gold to create a luxurious look for modern living room ideas.

6) Limestone Living Room:

Limestone Living Room

Industrial lighting and a polished cement floor create an aesthetic look to this old-style small living room idea. Cube-shaped pouffes and linen-upholstered furniture add softness and texture.

7) Natural Elements:

Natural Elements

This type of living room interiors adopts organic and eco-friendly materials, use a soft colour palette, and include large windows that bring in natural light. It’s just perfect for activities like reading, socializing or watching television.

8) Country Style Living Rooms:

Country Style Living Rooms

A country style living room design often include traditional features like large brick-built hearths, carpets, undecorated wooden floors, large dining tables and accessories like candles, flower pots etc. can also be great additions.

9) Minimalist Living Rooms:

Minimalist Living Rooms

Implementing modernist architecture, minimalism is all about making the most of your budget by keeping things simple, yet stylish.

10) Classic Living Rooms:

Classic Living Rooms

A classic living room is a spacious design with abundant light, generous seating, bright colours and floral decorations, adding warmth and lightness to the arrangement.

11) Rustic Style Living Rooms:

Rustic Style Living Rooms

Rustic style living rooms are generally large, spacious and welcoming with its vintage charm. The main feature of this style adopted from style from ancient times is the mix of quality and functionality.

12) Modern Living Rooms:

Modern Living Rooms

Modern living rooms include both stylish minimalist designs along with the energy of classic designs of having pure white walls and muted tones.

13) Maximalist Manners:

Maximalist Manners

More is more and that’s the philosophy behind this particular living room design. It’s characterized by a bold mix of colours, patterns to create a festive and welcoming vibe.

14) Contemporary Style:

Contemporary Style

The main idea of this interior design style is to incorporate patterns, textures, artwork, and colours but still keeping the space more sophisticated clutter-free.

15) Eclectic Style:

Eclectic Style

An eclectic living room style usually provides a free-spirited, bohemian, or artistic vibes. The best part about adopting this style is that there are no rules & you can go for a mix and match curtains, sofa, wallpaper, furniture etc.

16) Traditional Style:

Traditional Style

This design idea is all about an Indian-art inspired ethnic looking living space. Ornate lamps, carved wooden furniture, rich carpets, antiques, artwork and mirrors could be the main highlights.

17) Retro Style:

Retro Style

This style is adopted from the rock and roll eras from the 60s-90s which implements bold colours, pop arts, neon colours, shiny decors, movies’ inspired posters etc.

18) Vintage Style:

Vintage Style

The vintage living room is all inspired from the eras of the 50s and 60s. Whether it’s the Indian royal heritage or the European culture it opts for heavy drapes, chandeliers, porcelain sculptures, classical arts etc. with a combination of colours like beige, soft brown, off-white, golden or silver.

19) Cottage Living Room Decor Style:

Cottage Living Room Decor Style

Cottage style is casual and light-hearted where things are kept simple and imperfect, avoiding pretentiousness.

20) Victorian Flair Living Room:

Victorian Flair Living Room

With Victorian-style designs, living rooms are usually light, airy and welcoming with modern prints, geometric rug and cushions that automatically add colour to this neutral tone.

21) Black and White Modern Living Room:

Black and White Modern Living Room

Black and white or the monochrome theme always makes a bold statement. If expertly applied, there are countless ways to use these colours in a way that is attractive and engaging.

22) Urban and Artistic Living Room:

Urban and Artistic Living Room

This living room design can be incorporated in flats to set your seating area in front of sprawling cityscape views for a sleek urban space.

23) Mixed Media:

Mixed Media

This type of designs shakes up your living room space with vibrant colours, bold rug furniture’s and a few key accent art pieces that all clash cohesively.

24) Southwestern Living Room Style:

Southwestern Living Room Style

This is a very distinctive living room interior design that is an infusion of Spanish and Native American styles. It includes log beams, wooden ceilings; brick-patterned floor, benchtops, potted plants etc.

Final Thoughts:

Living rooms are your go-to spot to relax and unwind yourself after a long day of work, a place for coffee and conversations, last-minute sleepovers etc. So, whether you’re aiming for a sleek state of the art look or an Indian style living room its remains imperfect you find the experts to full fill your dreams.

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