Building Your Dream Home in Tamil Nadu: Let Architeca Make It a Reality!

construction company in Tamil Nadu

Our hearts reside in our homes. It’s natural to have a strong desire for the best construction firm that can provide personalised designs for our living spaces. In such a situation, we seek builders who have the capability to construct homes that match our ideal vision.

Well, talking about the top construction company in Tamil Nadu, Architeca aims to offer dream homes to its clients. We promise to create an ecosystem which focuses on improving and empowering lives. But what makes us unique from the other builders is that we bring a progressive environment.

Architeca lives by the motto of enhancing lives, for which they constantly strive to upgrade their skills and knowledge of building homes. Empowering people’s lives on every level, we provide and build sustainable homes which support the ecosystem and the future. Opting for Architeca, the best construction company Tamil Nadu will offer you both stylish yet functional homes.

With the change of perspective and needs, people are rooting for functional homes which are highly personalised. Choosing a builder like Architeca will make the task easier for those with a vivid idea of what they want.

Let us explore how Architeca works to fulfil your desires for your dream home.

How does Architeca help in creating dream homes?

Architeca follows a strict process, making them the ideal construction firm who deliver dream projects. The process is as follows:

  • We thrive on Active discussion and discovery phase

It is how we start to work by discussing the needs of the clients and their price ranges. They offer the client to visit our previous projects. Further, after a visit to the project site, a feasibility project is made and discussed thoroughly.

  • We offer Project booking phase

In this phase, clients are encouraged to make personalised budget proposals. After doing so, the budget proposal is submitted to boost the project booking. There are often negotiations regarding the budget proposals, which get settled in this phase.

  • We promote Design and Agreement phase with Accuracy

In the design and agreement phase, floor planning, elevations, etc., are planned. It involves the process of plan approval and proceeds to the final agreement. Processing this phase might take time, but our efficiency and professionalism make it easy.

  • We depend on drawings and mobilisation phase

The works on the architectural and structural aspects, the MEP working drawings, mobilisation works and electricity connections are conducted. Approval for the fencing and borewell is also looking into. It is a crucial phase as it involves the approval of drawings and further improvisations.

  • We design of the futuristic landscape and its marvellous exteriors

With the start of the on-site construction, the clients are kept updated with the work progress. We then get finished with the design of the landscape. Architeca also looks into the finishing materials, which boosts the process.

  • We thrive to execute what fit-outs as best

The essential interior & exterior fit-outs, along with the landscapes, are executed. We also execute the final finishing works. With the appropriate conduct of the quality inspection, the project is handed over to the clients successfully. This phase pays close attention to every detail before labelling the project as complete.

  • We are unique with our post-delivery maintenance for 1 year

With the completion of the project, we offer a six-month and one-year visit from their Maintenance Er to fix any addressed issue. During this time, if the client asks for any sudden maintenance request, we have our efficient team fix it. We carefully address every issue and offer trusted service.

Thus, Architeca, as a top construction firm in Tamil Nadu, has a professional crew who offer expert skills and trust. Our building process makes us the ideal dream home builders in India. You can visit our project sites to get confirmation of our skills before making us a part of your dream home project.  Visit our website to get further knowledge and contact us in detail about our services.

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