Don’t get trapped on these myths on home remodeling

common myths about home remodelling

Are you planning to renovate your house? Read this blog and you might thank us later!!!
Being in this field for years, we Architeca Design Build Firm, have experienced many situations
where following some common myths resulted in more damage than expected!!! We as a
capable firm considered sharing a couple of those for you not to get caught with.

1. Saving money by grooming the house by yourself

In this modern world, innovation is assisting us with knowledge and everything with the
utilization of a small gadget. But we should keep in mind that certain things we should have
the practical knowledge to do appropriately.

Though renovating a house seems to be an easy task, a little slip-up can prompt a major
problem. So doing it yourself without proper knowledge and by the influence of online videos
will not help you save money. Keep in mind that without proper knowledge and experience
doing renovation by yourself will not serve the purpose of saving money.

2. Painting is not a solution

You will be in danger if you paint a wall with damage. A small hole or a crack might seem to
be minor damage. Isn’t it better to get the wound treated when it is small? The same applies
here. Consulting an expert and finding the root cause of those small damages and fixing it
might save you time and money. Though fixing a crack makes you spend some pennies,
ignoring it will make it worse.

3. Choosing cheap over the condition

Making over your home is again a capital investment. Because a certain investment spent on
home redesigning will not add any value to your home. Tragically, it may be a compulsory
change to be done.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that using cheap products can be an expense-cutting component.
Utilizing cheap products with low quality could give a course to you to spend more than
buying a quality product by replacing it over and over. For example, the usage of good quality
ceramics in remodeling your bathroom will withstand for a long period. Therefore consult
with your renovation contractors and choose wisely.

4. Going with the trend

It sounds cool, but a trend is not something that will be constant and relevant for a building
that will not be renovated frequently. It will be changed periodically and will be outdated
after a certain period. Burning through a truckload of cash since something is on trend will
not help you always. While renovating a house it is smarter to think with a forecasted mind
and with a deep analysis of the needs and requirements which will give you a best-renovated
house. Sticking on trends that don’t impact much on the building or trying it in a room or in
a specific area of the house will be advisable.

For example, how about we imagine you have planned to hang wallpapers to every one of
the walls of your house. It will be beautiful in the beginning. But imagine how it looks after 3
to 5 years or how it will be once it gets faded. In case we have only hung it in a room or two,
we will be able to change it if necessary. In addition, it will also be bumpy if not hung as

5. Any Remodel is a good Choice

If you visited a friend’s house after the renovation and now if you are planning to do the
renovation as it is, please don’t. The remodeling of each house should have its own style.
Your house would have been constructed in a different way. It is a must to consult a
renovating service provider to know the potential outcomes of implementing your ideas into
your house and other alternative choices which can be carried out.

Remodeling cannot be done overnight. It takes time. It has to be analyzed. It has to be fixed.
Though it sounds complicated, an experienced renovating contractor like us, Architeca Design
Build Firm will be able to assist you to renovate your dream house explaining in detail what
can be the best arrangements and what shouldn’t be done to your house. Look out for some of
our work by visiting the following links.

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We are always ready to assist you.

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