Traditional vs Modern Architecture


Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. It is the art and profession of designing buildings. The technique and materials used in the structure of the buildings are all different.

The modern architect typical use of glass and steel whereas tradition architect relies on the use of materials like brick, stone, and wood. The traditional architect is a dynamic concept that has change over the years to address the many existing issues of housing in society.

It is the way of building a house using recognize symbols pf a particular culture of unique people. Many people built the traditional homes owing to special location and history. It is important because it has a lot of advantages.

The house designs to perform well and endure in its particular location for specific regions and it is an important yet often overlook aspect of the design to gain sustainable. It is also design homes to be energy efficient, durable and comfortable for the people.

The various ways of building a tradition house that uses resource and materials to address the needs of the people. The use of local materials in construction will eventually reduce building costs, making traditional architecture an economical advantage option.

In modern architecture the new generation of inhabitants looks for an increased level of comfort in their houses and such standards can only be by using a modern machine which has substantial initial costs and high energy demand.

There are many materials that architect use to create different effects on a building. It has become a dominant structure for both institutions and corporate buildings even to this day.

The purpose of architecture adopt modern technique, new material and technology result in characteristics such as flexible, and flowing space. Architecture of this type show functionalism and sensibility in its structure.

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