How the technology impact on Architecture

Architecture has the power to delight, inspire and transform. In future the new technology will be innovative in the materials used and future building structures. It is always driven innovation in construction and building design and the technological advances of the digital age provide the industry with number of new tools to take building design to the next level.

The additions of new architect tool box that will change the business in future. The design technologies are bound to get smarter and more efficient with a fair involvement of humans in the tech embedded eco system. Computational design with software driven subsets of parametric design, evolutionary design, generative design will be well support hardware driven technologies such as robotics, machine learning and digital fabrication systems.

The implications will make wide ranging changes in the economics of building and social acceptance of design. The most important change will be designing for change and adaption. The efficient usage of resources implements that the future can be directed to maximize the social and economic value of ecological resources. There is immense value to be gained from putting capitalism to the business services.

The art of designing buildings and non- building structures. The style of design and method of construction of buildings and other physical structures. Smart cities refer to a type of urban development based on sustainability. With a great focus on renewable energy, transportation solutions, smart home energy management systems, more comprehensive access to health and public service analysis, the smart cities are built to respond to the needs of institutions, companies and its habitants.

With a focus on the needs of the growing community, architects develop designs that will last long into the future. The benefits of technology in architecture are an implementation of a vision and development. It can be effective tool for reviewing and develops a vision. It allows to identify the implementation and development as it could be more specific and high-level principles of the architecture.

The technology help to analyze where changes could lead to potential cost savings areas identity. To meet the rapidly evolving business needs, demand is increasing to change system quickly. It has played an important role in shaping its surroundings. As technology changes, so does the architecture and interior design.

In early days the conventional building construction such as wood framed, and mud bricks structures the shape that could be achieved was simple and pure form. Because of limitation, the designers became more focused on crafting experiences. As this continues, the limitation on materials slowly decreasing.

Currently the creation and development of a new materials and technologies the inventions of cutting edge and shapes are possible. New materials and structures are evolve and manufacture everywhere. The using technology using to discover new forms of architecture in order to reflect the idea for which it was design.

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