One of the leading Architecture Services is best in Nagercoil


Architeca company is one of the leading architecture firm based in Nagercoil, TamilNadu. It has several projects to show the best architectural designs and ability to deliver. The company offers requirements through which enhance the level of comfortable living experience.

Architecture services is to provide the right service to customer in best proportions. The vision of architecture design company is to improve people’s lifestyle by offer creative home design architecture for a project. This firm believes that quality of design services determines the quality and the ambiance.

It provides the right model as well as product of spaces in the light of natural distinctive style as it gives a soothing presence in all proportions. The service provide other pre-design services such as master planning and historic research on existing building or building site.

General design ideas or concepts are present and develop with feedback into schematic design which provides a rough sketch how the building will be organize and what the building will look alike. However the process ensures that the building requirements are during the highly interactive phase.

Our architect helps the client cost savings and extra value in the project that is chosen the rough sketch is developed into a working set of plans and elevations. The drawing give a general sense of what the final building will include and give an idea of building cost.

Architects of this company have all qualified. They have the capability to create the most unique designs for the clients. The designs that come up with the most architecture plans and residential building designs to satisfies clients through the creation of the best plans for houses.

Architectural services include conceptual design, developed design, schematic design and construction:

Conceptual Design- It is the initial phase of design in which drawings or models are the tools for explaining the proposed system. The set of integrate ideas and concepts about what building project system perform and appear showing the outline proposals for structural buildings methods including outline specifications.

Developed design- During this period confirm the relevant approvals that will be required to obtain and consult with the local authority. It is crucial to make sure the correct permissions for the work are in place.

Schematic design- This stage, an architect starts the work by preparing design sketches as per client’s requirements and budget for exploring opportunities. The architects review the options and responding to the input.

Construction- Throughout the construction phase able to contract with the building contractor, carryout regular inspections, deal with queries, monitor progress on site and keep the track of cost of the building materials.


Conclusion: Architeca best construction company in Nagercoil. Our service is to built a unique architectural designs and Innovative interior designs. 

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