Sustainable Architecture


Sustainable architecture is the design seeks to reduce the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency in the use of materials and development space. This architecture design to build homes or buildings using a combination of energy-efficient technology, renewable materials, and innovative design.

It seeks to minimize the negative environment impact of buildings by efficiency in the use of materials, energy, development space, and the ecosystem at large. Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.

The idea of sustainable design, is ensure that use of available resources does not end up having damage effects to collective well-being or making it impossible to obtain resources for other applications in the long run.

This approach reduces waste and uses sustainable products which minimize the environmental impact of new development. Its designs encompass the comprehensive scope of artificial and physical surroundings that constitutes the man-made society meant for living.

The process of design a building involves the incorporation of different evaluation and interlinked actions that blend the addresses of all the stages. Building designs involve putting the conditions and issues set by different procedures and translating them into three-dimensional space.

The development to address the needs of the present without compromise quality within limited capacity of the environment to fulfill the needs of the future generation. It is essential because one of the most important assets of people’s lives. With the help of this, it can successfully combine beauty and functionality to save the environment.

It led to reduced operating costs by increasing productivity and using less energy and water. The architectural design improve public health due to indoor air quality and reduce environmental impact using sustainable resources.

This type of materials available for the buildings with growing economic concern over global warming, climate change. The concept had been adopt practically all forms of human undertake i.e., production innovation, and building construction in the modern age.

Economic resources, the architect-designer reduces the use of non-renewable resources in the construction and operation of buildings. The production of building materials and continues throughout the building life span to create an environment for human well-being.

It is designed to concern with the livability of all constituents of the global ecosystem including plants and wildlife. This is deeply rooted in the need to preserve the chain elements of the ecosystems that allow human survival.

It includes the potential for creating new markets and other business opportunities, reduction of cost in terms of optimizing efficiency in energy use or raw materials consumption, and generation of added value.

Thus, it ensure productive and wealth redistribution. It is an important aspect of building design regard the social and economic consequences it will bring to its surrounding community.

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