Top 7 features to consider when building a new home in 2021

Do you have a plan to build a new house and confused about what are the features to consider? Architeca has come up with some important features to consider when building a new home in 2021 that could help you increase your dream home’s functionality. Nowadays, Building a dream house is not only about constructing a home with concrete and steel. A home should be built by considering different features that will make you utilize each and every area of the home.

The main advantage of building a home with all features is personalizing every corner of the house, which reflects your family’s lifestyle, requirements, and uniqueness. There are several important features to Consider When Building a home in 2021 such as using automation, using smart Technologies, space planning, creating guest Rooms, Lighting arrangements, fixing shelf under stairs and pet areas, etc.

If you are starting to plan your dream home construction, know what are the home features available and which all to consider since it eases your lifestyle. Architeca helps you to narrow in on some real game-changing home features a home must have are follows.

What are the top 7 features to consider when building a new home in 2021?

  • Smart home technology
  • Accessible laundry room
  • Additional room
  • Personalized storage
  • Outdoor living space
  • Game room
  • Sustainable home

Smart home technology:

In this busy lifestyle, using smart home technology is helpful to every homeowner to have a home that can simplify and ease your daily routine. In the very recent years, there have been so many home automation technologies and security systems introduced. If you try to simplify your daily routines, then consider implementing all the following smart-home technologies.

  • Consider home security systems such as smart door locks, security alarm systems, surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, motion/arrival Sensors, etc.)
  • Built-in speaker systems.
  • Go for home automation systems such as smart programmable thermostats and ventilation controllers, smart home appliances, window opener systems, etc.)
  • Use ample power outlets with USB charging points, smart switches, and in-built lighting options.
  • Use entertaining automation such as video/home theatres, smart music players, etc.

Accessible laundry room:

Nowadays, most homeowners are looking to create a separate laundry space. Including a space only for laundry usage helps you to spend less time accomplishing your daily laundry tasks while neglecting messiness. 

Do not forget to include these laundry features since it provides more functionality and makes the most sense for your cleaning session.

Additional room:

Your home is the representation of you and your family. We always suggest our clients think beyond the essentials and incorporate spaces that really enhance their lifestyles. Always, we spend more time in our home, so it makes sense to add these features that make our relaxation time even more enjoyable. This is one of the Features to consider when building a new home in 2021.

For example, here are some of the additional room ideas as follows,

  • Consider adding a home theatre or media room with a large TV or projector if you and your family enjoy watching movies at night. Surround it with sound speakers, comfy seating, dimmable lights, refreshment space, etc.
  • If your family is more active and health-conscious, consider adding a space for a home gym, sports court, yoga studio, etc.
  • Do you like social gatherings with your friends and family, then create a chit-chat space with the necessary features.

Personalized storage:

Every homeowner seeks storage space that will hold in all the canned or dry goods safely. The storage area can have larger cupboards or pantry cupboards. In order to avoid spreading the food goods in different cabinets, you can keep all the goods in a single large and personalized cabinet.

This can help to prevent goods wastage and over shopping as you can easily see all the things in one place that are available in the house. With one well-designed and organized large cupboard, you can reduce the needs of many wall cabinets.

Consider incorporating some of the following built-in personalized storages options:

  • Cupboards with hidden storage options.
  • Build shelving units for functional storage and displays.
  • TV and entertainment units to hide the cables & wires and provide space to keep all necessary electronic devices.

Outdoor living space:

Ensure that you opt for a design-build firm that has the experience to add outdoor living spaces. Considering an extra space outdoors is not only the option for increasing your outdoor living space but it will also increase the selling rate when you sell the house.

By greatly designing and implementing your outdoor landscape, you can just feel the beauty of your outdoor living space with comfy furniture. You can also include some additional features to your outdoor living space with cooking spaces, entertaining areas and dining areas, etc.

Game room:

The game room is only a place for recreation especially for kids as they can hang out and their parents won’t need to worry about their children’s whereabouts. As per a client’s wish, a game room is customizable exclusively included with video gaming, ping-pong tables, and arcade games.

Some game rooms are quite a luxury option with more recreational activities available for the entire family. Interior design is also a part of the area to focus on since it follows the various themes suitable for the game room activities or to the audience. 

Sustainable home:

A sustainable house is making a very low negative impact on our environment. Making home more sustainable means, you are giving more importance and contributing to improving the environment. But it is not only that. A sustainable home can lower the cost of maintaining your home, saving water, energy of systems, and appliances. Also, you can make a healthier environment around you and your family.

If you want to go with these advanced technologies, you can consider hiring the best construction company for your new house construction. We hope you have understood all the Features to consider when building a new home in 2021. For design and construction advice, call or WhatsApp at +91 9566449911.

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