5 things you must do to ensure the quality of house construction

Living in an unsafe building is not something you ever want to do. So it is always sensible to be on the safe side and do quality checks on the home which you are planning to construct or the one you already bought. This article will help you ensure the quality of your house construction to avoid costly project failures and mistakes. Whether it is a big-scale commercial project or a duplex or an individual residential house, it is really hard for a home or other building owners to monitor the quality of building materials used. However, checking the quality of a construction is not an easy task while it is a technical aspect; here are the 5 things you must do to ensure the quality of house construction.

  1. Structural design assessment
  2. Ensuring the quality of Core raw materials and coatings
  3. Ensuring the quality of fixtures
  4. Ensuring proper curing and formwork striping time.
  5. Ensuring the quality of workmanship.

1.Structural design assessment: 5 things you must do to ensure the quality of house construction

Structural design assessment

Having a sense of understanding the architectural designs and blueprints may not be difficult for a few people even if they are not familiar with it. 

However, they will need the help of a Civil Structural Engineer or a third-party Structural Engineering professional to ensure that the parameters like soil condition, preferable type of Foundation, Type of Structure, Grade of Core materials preferred are considered enough and to make sure that the Building Structural Elements are designed for their stability and everything is in its place. 

Also, we must ensure that the building can withstand earthquakes of a certain magnitude. As it is a technical part, it is always a good option to seek your Architect/Builder to do this quality check.

Building owners are advised to often assess construction quality with their architect/Builder in terms of its arrangements, earthquake resistance, Seepages, Building levels, Slopes and the availability of emergency exits.

2.Ensuring the quality of Core raw materials and coatings:

Ensuring the quality of Core raw materials and coatings

The Quality and the Durability of any Building is based on the quality of raw materials  and the proportion of the materials. Hence the Building Owners must ensure that sound materials are used in your Buildings.

The major raw materials like Cement, Steel, Sand, Bricks, Coarse Aggregates and water used for the construction have to be checked for its standard properties while choosing.

Also the proportion of Mix used for construction of various activities like Concreting, Brickwork, Plastering are to be checked if appropriate ones are suggested by the Builder.

So that you can ensure that you are Building a sound and durable structure.

Also, Ensure you have chosen the right Builder who is really aware of the quality policies So that they will not violate the Specifications during the execution.  

Similarly, Coatings including painting and polish works can enhance the visual appearance and at the same time it improves the life of the walls or the whole structure, though good quality raw materials are used for the construction.

It is important to choose right quality paints and polishes which will safeguard the structure from Sun and rain. Inevitable minor cracks may not arise if right coatings are applied

3.Ensuring the quality of fixtures:

Ensuring the quality of fixtures

Make sure the kitchen, bathroom, and toilets are built with good quality taps, showers and washbasins, bathtubs, etc.

The best way to check the quality of sanitary ceramics is by checking the overall size, shapes, fittings, and fixtures and the Kind of core material used for manufacturing the Fixture.

Check the fitting of taps and faucets whether it has any leakage with the pipeline.

Check the electricity connection and the speed of water flow through the pipes. Also, make sure to check the bathroom floor tiles are used with non-skid ones. 

4.Ensure proper curing and formwork stripping time:

Curing plays an important role in the strength development and durability of the Structure. Make sure you are given a minimum period for curing any Cementitious nature of works like Reinforced Cement Concrete, Plain Cement Concrete, Brick Masonry, Plastering, Flooring, etc., to attain maximum strength.

But the curing process may differ in time due to environmental conditions, type of structural members, nature of works, and atmospheric temperature.

Formworks should not be removed until the concrete has sufficiently hardened so that it can carry strongly its own weight and also any other object loads if it is subjected to. The formwork removing time may differ according to the temperature. 

Make sure you take the required curing and form stripping time to maintain good strength and durability of the structure.

5.Ensuring the quality of workmanship:

5 things you must do to ensure the quality of house construction

This step plays a vital role because checking for quality builders with best workmanship are the key concern as this will determine the project quality. 

If the building contractor you have chosen has not met the required standards of workmanship which is mentioned in the quality standard under the contract which always leads to defective output. So make sure you will select the right Contractor.


We hope that you have found these 5 simple steps to ensure the quality of your house construction useful and informative. These tips will help you make a sensible decision while constructing a new house. 

Now it’s your turn to choose the right builder and an interior designer and decorator in your locality and start Building your Dream Home.

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