Contemporary house vs traditional house

Contemporary house vs traditional house

Every architectural design is unique which conveys an exclusive style. When it comes to building a new home that suits you best, contemporary house and traditional house are the two widely discussed types of home designs. Because of its variety of exciting architectural styles, it is quite tough to cut down your choices. In this article you can get to know about contemporary house vs traditional house and which is more elegant?

Whether it is a traditional house or contemporary house, your personal interests and financial stability will decide the best for you.

What all to consider when designing the home?      

  •  Make sure that all your requirements are positioned well.
  •  If you want your home to look ornamental and decorative in style, then traditional design will be a good option.
  •  If you are interested in an open plan with a moderate interior, then go for contemporary style. It has multipurpose rooms and an open-spaces concept.

Lights, doors and windows design:

Contemporary house vs traditional house

The designs and sizes of windows and doors are totally different in contemporary homes when compared to traditional homes. 

Contemporary homes feature larger doors and windows. The contemporary home interior looks open and spacey with unique natural lighting.

Traditional home features have smaller doors and windows which can also provide proper air circulation.

The traditional designs are well suitable for our weather conditions. But if you are considering contemporary home design you need to focus on the issues like water logging and dampness of walls.

Which one cost less? Contemporary vs Traditional

Contemporary house vs traditional house

A traditional home design is a best option to those who admire classic arts, time-honored design elements and antique pieces etc.

If you are ready to choose a traditional style for your new home, then be ready to use traditional style building materials, furniture, household etc.

Contemporary buildings use modern and readily available building materials which will comparably cost less money than traditional one.

How long do they take to build? Contemporary vs Traditional

Contemporary house vs traditional house

When all elegant design and details are well equipped in traditional homes, contemporary designs eliminate those add-ons.

It stays with the basic structure and design.

Since most of the structural designs are simple in contemporary design, the construction time needed for a contemporary structure is less than traditional design.

What about post maintenance?

Contemporary house vs traditional house

The maintenance of a traditional home may be less economical. For example, the maintenance of traditional doors, windows and pillars are always possible.

With the help of a skilled and experienced architect, you can easily renovate or maintain your hardwoods whenever you need.


The theme of a traditional house is always pleasant to the eyes. It also gives a nostalgic feeling of the family hood. At the same time, contemporary designs can offer a cost effective and energy efficient life span.

However, both types of design have their own pros and cons. So you have to go through each and every aspect that must reach your purpose of building a new home.

Be sure with the right decision at the end. Your overall expectation, requirements, and financial stability that helps to choose your own happiness. So make your right choice!

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