What are the types of drawings required for home construction?

Knowing what are the types of drawings required for home construction is must if you are constructing a building. It gives you a detailed overview of the building. Nowadays, a different type of drawings is followed by the architects and also these drawings are required for the project approval.

These drawings and layouts set a benchmark for the building construction process and assure compliance to the construction standards.Through these construction drawings, the architectures can convey their concepts and ideas regarding any building.

So let see What are the types of drawings required for home construction, here are some of the architectural drawings that we follow,

  1. Site plan layout
  2. Floor plan
  3. Cross section
  4. Elevation
  5. Landscape
  6. Service drawing
  7. Working plan

Site plan layout:

A Site Plan is an aerial view of the construction site and building that includes the primary building and its adjoining constructions.

Based on this wide layout, we can include more construction ideas for building improvement also can understand the scope of construction activities.

This is the stage where the rules and regulation like total constructing area, FSI and height restriction of the building is carefully noted for the planning site.

Floor plan:

In this stage, we can view the in-depth version of the room layout. Floor plans are sometimes made irrespective that they are to be utilized during the construction of a shop, home, or a commercial building. This helps us to get an idea about how to use the limited room space.

Cross section:

A cross section of a building allows to look the different view of a building vertically. In this stage, we can overview the both visible and hidden components in the building.

One more cross section drawing is there, that is wall cross-section which is useful to view both sides of the wall.


3D elevation drawing helps to understand the facing of a building such as size and height of external surface. This drawing layout will have an aesthetic view of the building.


This type of drawing will have the view of whole area which is surrounded by the primary building such as pools, gardens, car parking and everything else.

Service drawing:

In this stage, all the service aspects of electrical, plumbing, interior was planned will be executed simultaneously while the construction works is implemented on site.

Working plan:

Architeca creates working plan or construction plans which help you to understand the scope of the project. According to the overall design, the working plan includes the convenience to fabricate the building materials which will use for throughout the construction.

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